TYPES OF GIRLS IN SCHOOLHello everyone!Today Im writing about types of girls in school... #BTS Enjoy. 

POPULAR GIRL In movies they are often mean girls... She likes: Gucci,Dolce&Gabbana,Taylor Swift,1D... Pink is her life,she is queen of drama... The popular one in school. She has her squad,that follows her 24/7! Zayn Malik is her everything. 
She is princess and she will get whatever she wants. Prob,she is dating hot guy... Fashion is only thing she cares about.She goes on fashion weeks and she has dior bag,and  lot of KYLIE lip kits. Real life barbie girl! 

TUMBLR GIRL She likes: black,black and more black,Nirvana,Arctic Monkeys,AC/DC,Queen,21 pilots,My chemical romance,Bon Jovi... American Horror story is her life. Black is not sad black is poetic!  She likes style from 90's. She likes darkness and she is very trendy.  She doesn't give a f what you think!  Believes in unicorns. Movies:horror... 

Rock and roll is not dead,and her crush is prob Luke Hemmings! 

She is very tumblr and her style is…
HIGH SCHOOLresponsibilities,society,studying... 
As much as we hate to say,It's back to school.Maybe someone is in school already,mabye someone will rerurn to school in couple days... Today Im writing you about high school,responsibilities,society,studying and more... Maybe you're in Middle school or high school already,whatever...Read this blog,maybe it will help you,who knows. ResponsibilitiesThere is lot more responsibilities in high school than middle school or primary school...On the beginning,yeah beginning start hard.Try your best.Get good grades on beginning,trust me it will help you a lot!It will be easier for you and your teacher will notice that you're trying and you will become teachers favorite,that comes in handy.Maybe when you,idk fall on test maybe teacher will give you better mark,even tho you maybe didn't deserve it because you fail on test. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I know,I know.Homework is boring but!It can help you,trust me.You will learn your lesson better and…
Helloooo ♥ 
This blog is gonna be about 4th of July or Independence day of USA.

So 4th of July is very,very close.Independence Day, also referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of theDeclaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of theBritish Empire.[1]  
No that's not from wikipedia,hahahhahahah,jk. 

So that part was for someone who don't know (Im sure everyone knows) what's 4th of July.

If you wanna decor your house or make something tasty for 4th of July just read this blog.Hahha ♥ 

Here are some ideas.

I just love this ribbon crown,Its so adorable,also you can wear this at party's or smth like that. 

SUMMER BLOGHi,everyone...♥  Summer is here,there are pool parties,slumber parties,going out with your friends,no more school.Sounds great!  So what to do on summer?  You can make party for your friends,or invite them on bbq,you can also make party in your garden,or just invite them to come over to have fun together. Look at these cute lil cookies that you can make for them,but just be careful to not eat all of them,leave smth to your friends...Um,what if I don't have friends,great I'll eat all cookies hahhaha. ♥ SUMMER ACTIVITIES FOR KIDSIf you have little bro,sis or cousin you can also make something for them. Make them summer camp at home and have fun,you can go outside play,paint and just have fun. ♥ 
You can also make them summer to do list. You can put there whatever you want,or go to nature hunt. 
SUMMER SLUMBER PARTY FOR YOUR GIRLSInvite your girls and have best time of your life,watch movies,talk about boys,fashion,paint your nails,do makeup... 
You can also watch some of these…